Back in the Saddle!

This has been an incredible fall for my writer friends who have new books out. This week, I celebrated with my good friend Tara Dairman, as she welcomed The Great Hibernation into the world!

I adored this book–it is full of humor, science, and the sort of parent-free hijinks that will delight young readers. I’d place it firmly in the hands of any second, third, fourth, or fifth grader, and then expect them to stay up late finishing it!


As for what I’ve been up to (besides celebrating the book launches of my wonderful friends!)…

I had the great fortune to be a guest author and writing instructor for the Austin Public Library’s Badgerdog writing camps this summer. Meeting those young writers gave me all sorts of energy for my own work! And I had a tricky new book I wanted to finish… so I snuck away to Pennsylvania for a few days.

I sat in my own private cabin at the Highlights Foundation

on an “Unworkshop.”

This is pure, free writing time. I did meet some other writer friends up there, so we talked at meals (oh, the meals! BEST RETREAT FOOD EVER) and then scurried away to write until bedtime.

It was bliss, if you’re in need of alone time, and quiet space to write. And maybe look at the flowers!

I finished a draft of my manuscript. I love it so. It’s about a character who’s been popping into my head since I was very young. In fact, I wrote about him in my Master’s thesis. He is a pony named Glue.

I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Be well, write like the wind, and enjoy the process if you can! (And if you can’t? Deep breaths, long walks, turn the page and write something wildly different. You may just find yourself feeling that joy again. It worked for me.)


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