Goodbye, 2017!

Oh, friends, this year has been… memorable, to say the very least. For me it’s been full of tragic lows (my father died) and incredible highs (I wrote another “book of my heart” and signed with my lovely new agent, Ginger Knowlton). It’s been a year of writing fearlessly and reading with abandon. I’ve read some of my favorite books ever in 2017–I hope you read a few of the lists or listened to the podcasts!

Honestly, when I watch the news I know I’m ready to say a final goodbye to 2017. Except…


He would kill me if he knew I posted this. But he never reads my blog. Isn’t this awesome??? My favorite picture of him.

my eldest is graduating from high school and going far away to college next fall, so I’m sort of clinging to every last day, all those moments with him that won’t come again.

My big boy now. <3

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and a peace-filled and joy-filled new year. May you find yourself lifted up on the wings of glorious stories- whether they’re ones you are writing or reading – again and again as the days pass.

May you feel joy, and show love, and stop to listen to the wind in the grass and the dawn chorus and the peaceful sigh of a sleeping loved one.

Fill your days with beauty, and music, and magic, and love. I’ll try to do the same!



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