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School-Related Insomnia

School starts in a few days, and I can’t sleep.  I know, it’s not school for me… but in a few, short, blessed days, my precious sons will return to the classroom and I will have the opportunity to concentrate … Continue reading

Reunion News/ Damaged-Toe Blues

Ouch! Ouchouchouch! I finally discovered something more painful than a last-minute rejection from an editor: spraining/breaking my big toe. Even worse? Damaging it right before I was supposed to put on the most divine four-inch heels ever, and dance the … Continue reading

Good News For Everyone!

Hi, y’all ! Yesterday was something special. First off, my talented photographer husband got a great boost: his photo was chosen as the Austin winner of the Scott Kelby Photo Walk 2009 Contest! Check out his photo here. He could … Continue reading

Fighting With Kids Over Good Books

Yeah, I know. There are FAR worse things I could fight with my nine-year-old over. But the recent stack of books we checked out from the library had some extremely hot properties in it! Things got a bit ugly. Is … Continue reading

This Is Why I Distrust Facebook

Urg. So, last night, I invited some close friends/neighbors over for a lovely dinner party. I made a new recipe my brother taught me in Ohio last week — “white sangria.” This consists of 1 bottle of riesling, 2 cans … Continue reading

$6.99 Bottle-Of-Wine-Bad Day

Bad day. Bad, bad day. Twisted my knee at the gym (um, so about those 2 aerobics classes I said I’d sub for next week…?), took the kids — including my doctor-phobic, tantrum-prone son — to the doctor for shots, … Continue reading

Road Trippin’

Adios, Amigos/Amigas! I’m off on a road trip tomorrow! For those of you who are feeling jealous, let me clarify: A 23-hour road trip to Ohio, with my two sons, my mother, and my mother’s aptly-named chihuahua, Booger. Not so … Continue reading

And They Encourage Kids To Read This Stuff?

I got a call yesterday from a Very Nice Lady at my church, the lady who schedules the children’s sermons. “Oh, Nikki! Could you help me out? The person who had signed up to do the children’s sermon this Sunday … Continue reading

Howdy from the Center of the Sun

Hot… hot…hot… even for this native Texas girl. Record-breaking days, one after another. We’re melting….. And you know what makes it hotter? Trying to do final revisions of a manuscript while your kids are hanging off your legs, whining about … Continue reading

As We Say in Texas –Yeehaw! I won!

Howdy, y’all! It’s been an amazing month. First, a trip to Scotland, England, and Canada (check out the photos on Dave’s photoblog as he posts them). In Toronto, we climbed the CN Tower, the world’s tallest… and then I came … Continue reading