If You Get Lost

by Nikki Loftin (Author), Deborah Marcero (Illustrator)

Coming July 25, 2023 from Anne Schwartz Books (Penguin/Random House)
In this gentle read-aloud–a modern day Velveteen Rabbit–a stuffed bunny comes to life after getting lost on a family’s camping trip, then finds its way back to its child.

“If you get lost, and you might get lost….” In simple language that speaks directly to us, a magical and soothing story unfolds. A little girl accidentally drops her stuffed bunny out the car window, and the bunny–which has quietly come alive– feels scared. Searching up, down, in, out, and between, it soon finds itself among a group of friendly forest animals, who accompany it on its journey. Together they frolic through the woods and over a stream until the bunny finds itself safely back where it belongs, in the little girl’s arms.


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