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Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Happy Labor Day, Writer Friends! I hope you’re celebrating in whatever ways you desire. Me? I’m cleaning the entire house, including the porches. I even had my son clean out his goldfish bowl. For those of you who know me, … Continue reading

Origami Yoda, or How To Do an Author Signing

So, one of those things Debut Authors do in those months up to The Big Day (whch I have found out recently for MY first book, is August 21, 2012!! Woo hoo!) is go to other author’s events. Of course, … Continue reading

Sixth Grade PTSD

Today is one of the worst days of the year for me: the first day of school. No, not school for me, sillies. For my kids. I know, I know. It’s dumb. I get all worked up, worrying about them … Continue reading

Unicorns in the Desert

So, the thing is, there were unicorns there. No, not the kind with sparkly horns and magical rainbow-surfing skills. The real kind. Last week, I got back from the A Room of her Own Writing Retreat in Ghost Ranch, New … Continue reading

Wonderful News for My Dear Writer Friend!

What a lovely week! Why so lovely? Well… I spent mine in the Caribbean, cruising around, petting dolphins and paddling near white sand beaches. Hard life, I know. But right before I left, I also found out some amazing news!! … Continue reading

Scared to Let Go

It’s been an interesting summer. My first book, The Sinister Sweeetness of Splendid Academy, is off at copy edits right now. I’ll admit, on the final round of line edits, I found myself almost physically unwilling/unable to hit send. To … Continue reading

Story at Literature4Kids

Hi, Peeps! I am pleased to announce one of my short stories is in this month’s online kid’s mag, Literature4Kids. This one is about a crab called Tarquin — named after one of my son’s hermit crabs. And, yes. It … Continue reading

Dark Middle Grade, Anyone?

There’s a been a bit of a furor on the Internet/Twitter/Author circuit about the Terrible Darkness that’s infecting the Young Adult bookshelves at Barnes and Noble. I am SO not going to weigh in on this argument, folks. Not that … Continue reading

Using Your Super Powers

I had a wonderful dinner last night with a Writer Friend* who was unstinting with her ideas, encouragement, and advice. I think one of my favorite pieces of advice was this: Use your super powers. At first, I wondered how … Continue reading

I’ve Got Joy… and Happiness, Too

“One joy scatters a hundred griefs.” — Chinese proverb Today, let’s talk about joy in the writing life. And why not its red-headed, cross-eyed cousin, happiness, too? I know, I know. Happiness isn’t in vogue, is it? We’re supposed to … Continue reading