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Middle Grade Gold

You know, I find that if I just wait around long enough to blog about something, somebody else much smarter, well-connected, and well-respected, will do it for me. Ah, Procrastination. My good, good friend. Anyway, I’ve been wondering for quite … Continue reading


So, last week was Banned Books week. I kept wanting to blog about it, but I was in the middle of a personal Fahrenheit 451 episode in my own writing life, so I took a break. Of course, the censorship … Continue reading

How is a Book Launch like a Funeral?

In advance of my own book release next AUGUST 21, 2012 (get out your calendars right now!!! Mark it with a Sharpie pen!!!), I have been going to as many signings and launch parties as I possibly can. And not … Continue reading

News from Nikkiland

Hiya, Writer Friends! I’m writing up a storm on my Work-in-Progress. It makes me so sad (this one’s a doozy), I have to stop and eat massive doses of chocolate just to get through the day. (More than usual, I … Continue reading

Possess: How A Book Saved My Whole Neighborhood*

I was supposed to be writing today. I came home from my other job, setlled down in front of my computer, checked the email… and gazed longingly at this. My new book, the book I’d been hearing all those good … Continue reading

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Happy Labor Day, Writer Friends! I hope you’re celebrating in whatever ways you desire. Me? I’m cleaning the entire house, including the porches. I even had my son clean out his goldfish bowl. For those of you who know me, … Continue reading

Origami Yoda, or How To Do an Author Signing

So, one of those things Debut Authors do in those months up to The Big Day (whch I have found out recently for MY first book, is August 21, 2012!! Woo hoo!) is go to other author’s events. Of course, … Continue reading

Sixth Grade PTSD

Today is one of the worst days of the year for me: the first day of school. No, not school for me, sillies. For my kids. I know, I know. It’s dumb. I get all worked up, worrying about them … Continue reading

Unicorns in the Desert

So, the thing is, there were unicorns there. No, not the kind with sparkly horns and magical rainbow-surfing skills. The real kind. Last week, I got back from the A Room of her Own Writing Retreat in Ghost Ranch, New … Continue reading

Wonderful News for My Dear Writer Friend!

What a lovely week! Why so lovely? Well… I spent mine in the Caribbean, cruising around, petting dolphins and paddling near white sand beaches. Hard life, I know. But right before I left, I also found out some amazing news!! … Continue reading