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Using Your Super Powers

I had a wonderful dinner last night with a Writer Friend* who was unstinting with her ideas, encouragement, and advice. I think one of my favorite pieces of advice was this: Use your super powers. At first, I wondered how … Continue reading

I’ve Got Joy… and Happiness, Too

“One joy scatters a hundred griefs.” — Chinese proverb Today, let’s talk about joy in the writing life. And why not its red-headed, cross-eyed cousin, happiness, too? I know, I know. Happiness isn’t in vogue, is it? We’re supposed to … Continue reading

Hurry Up! Now Wait.

Hi, Writer Friends! As most of you know, I’ve been hip-deep in alligators and line edits. (I’m convinced that term does NOT mean what I thought at first. I had visions of small, piffly, “which word would work better” changes. … Continue reading

Freaky Flash Fiction

Happy Memorial Day, Writer Peeps! I have good news. Not only do I get to sleep in tomorrow (what, that doesn’t rate as good news? Does for me.), my very first flash fiction story came out today in Flash Fiction … Continue reading

The Day I Met My Editor

Everyone’s laughing at how fast the whole thing is going for me – the pubishing thing, that is. Which makes me want to laugh, AND cry, and cringe. “It hasn’t been fast!” I want to scream. “It’s been glacier-slow! Continents … Continue reading

Book Launch Party Planning

I know quite a few authors now, and all of them have different stages of the publishing process that really appeal to them. Some of them (sickos) love revision, some go all gooey at the thought of seeing their galleys/ARC/finished … Continue reading

Conference Afterglow

What is it about a great writing conference that makes the following week seem positively bursting with writerly possibility? It’s like conferences produce tons of little idea babies that follow you home and keep you up at night. Kinda like … Continue reading

Houston Writer’s Guild Conference, Coming Up!

So, if any of you are in Houston this weekend, you should totally go to the HWG Conference. I’ve heard this AMAZING author is going to speak. I’ve also heard this newbie author, Nikki Somebody-or-Other, is planning to give out … Continue reading


I’ve been dying to spill this news. DYING, I tell you! At long last, I’m allowed. Publisher’s Marketplace had this wonderful  little announcement in it this morning. Nikki Loftin’s debut novel THE SINISTER SWEETNESS OF SPLENDID ACADEMY, pitched as Coraline … Continue reading

My Very First Guest Blog Post

Happy Tuesday, Writer Friends! I am pleased as punch to announce my very first guest blog post is up today at echook. (This is the digital chapbook publisher that chose one of my essays for their first release on memoir.) … Continue reading