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A Christmas Gift for Children’s Book Writers

Ho Ho Ho! Here’s a link to a funny, fun video put together (and performed!) by a phenomenal picture book author, Kim Norman. Her newest book, Crocodaddy, is darling. Did I mention she’s also a critique partner of mine? (Okay, … Continue reading

Hello, My Name is Nikki and I Write…

Give me a second and I’ll tell you, as soon as I figure it out. I suppose I spend most of my time writing children’s fiction. So, when people who want the short answer ask what I do, I say … Continue reading

Honest: Scrap

My agent-sister, Lisa DesRochers, nominated this blog for an award, the Scrap Heap Award. No, wait. Was it the Honest Crap Award? Something like that. As you may be aware, I refuse to post anything on this blog other than … Continue reading

No More Books About Toy Rabbits

Okay, children’s book writers out there, I’m giving you fair warning: If you’re planning to write about a stuffed toy that learns to love a child, you’re going to need to make it a bear, or an otter, or a … Continue reading

Nikki’s Literary Salon and Swimming Lessons

I took French in high school, a “useless language” for a Texan girl. Anyone could see that I should have taken Spanish, right? I mean, here we are on the border with Mexico, etc. (I spent summers as a child … Continue reading

Grounded From Books

I’ll admit: I have a problem. It’s not one of those fashionable ones you can talk about at parties either, or that goes away with diet, exercise, or Botox. I have a book problem. When I was a little girl, … Continue reading

Cinderella in New York

I just got back from NYC, from attending the wonderful Backspace conference, meeting my (darling, smart, funny, ambitious) agent, Suzie Townsend, and painting the town my own particular shade of red. (It’s more a fuchsia, really.) The whole experience was … Continue reading

Why I Love Texas So Darn Much — Reason #347

Okay, I know. I suffer from that affliction so many Texans (and even transplanted Californians who’ve lived here long enough) share in common: I love me some Texas. And this weekend, at the Texas Book Festival, I was feeling the … Continue reading

Prom For Writers

Let me check… yep, yep. I recognize this feeling. It’s the exact same way I felt when I got asked to go to the prom my sophomore year of high school. Butterflies in the stomach, stupid grin on my face, … Continue reading

A Kinder, Gentler Workshop

When I was in graduate school, every semester the writers were required to take a “workshop” class. This was where you went to have your soul sucked out through your nostrils with coffee straws. Or at least that’s what it … Continue reading