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Story in Boy’s Life!

Okay, I know. Two posts in one day? Excessive. But I had two pieces of good news today! First, I sold another puppet play to another anthology, this time to a holiday-themed book. It will be out in early 2010. … Continue reading

Nothing Like a Good Book…

What a day! No details, but it was NO FUN until… I got home, walked right past all the dirty dishes and the enormous mounds of laundry, pulled two of my own gigantic homemade chocolate chip cookies out of the … Continue reading

Do Your Characters Pray?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of religion in genre fiction, and more specifically its role in the fiction I write. I spent most of the last ten years working in churches. I went in a 3/4 time … Continue reading

The Query

Howdy, writer peeps! Okay, for all of you who are wondering “just what kind of query gets you a free scholarship to a NYC conference?” — here ya go. FYI, I broke two of the cardinal rules for queries on … Continue reading

Black Turtleneck and Beret Time

Hi, y’all! Well, I was going to post about how I finally gained literary legitimacy when a poem I wrote was accepted for a literary journal this week. (Ah, yes! Finally a win I can tell my old grad school … Continue reading

The Secret (not)

Okay, I know this might be no big deal to you famous author-types out there, but I’m not quite famous yet. So it was a special little thrill to be surfing through my bookmarked sites last night and to stumble … Continue reading

Coming To A Library Near You…

Howdy, folks! Well, it was a pretty perfect day for a writer today! Kinda rainy, nothing to do but write — did I accomplish a lot, you’re wondering? Why, yes, I did. 3,600 words on the work in progress. Woot! … Continue reading

School-Related Insomnia

School starts in a few days, and I can’t sleep.  I know, it’s not school for me… but in a few, short, blessed days, my precious sons will return to the classroom and I will have the opportunity to concentrate … Continue reading

Good News For Everyone!

Hi, y’all ! Yesterday was something special. First off, my talented photographer husband got a great boost: his photo was chosen as the Austin winner of the Scott Kelby Photo Walk 2009 Contest! Check out his photo here. He could … Continue reading

Fighting With Kids Over Good Books

Yeah, I know. There are FAR worse things I could fight with my nine-year-old over. But the recent stack of books we checked out from the library had some extremely hot properties in it! Things got a bit ugly. Is … Continue reading