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Cherry Blossom Days: Pre-Author Visit Pics from Japan

I just spent a week in Wonderland! Well, Japan, actually ā€“ but I happened to arrive at the height of cherry blossom (sakura) season, and Iā€™m pretty sure Wonderland has nothing on trees that snow pink blossoms, leaving a carpet … Continue reading

An Interview, a Conference, and a Trip To Japan!

Dear friends, this week is all about upcoming excitement! Most of you (since most of my readers are, I assume, my mom and sisters. Hi, Mom!) know I’m going to Japan in a week to do author visits. (Where I … Continue reading

Montgomery County Book Festival Fun!

As promised, I have pictures from the Montgomery County Book Festival I attended in The Woodlands, Texas last weekend. Wow, those festival organizers sure knew how to treat writers well! The food was great, there were parties and amazing teen … Continue reading

Author Visit Delight!

I am off tomorrow morning for a super fun author school visit in League City, at Bauerschlag Elementary, and then on to The Woodlands, Texas, for the amazing Montgomery County Book Festival. I’m also putting the finishing touches on my … Continue reading

First Five Pages Workshop Time!

I’m not sure if any of you who write middle grade or young adult fiction will be interested in this (I hope you ALL will be!)… but I am the featured author this coming month at the excellent Adventures in … Continue reading

Pictures of Writerly Goodness

I’ve been having so much fun the past few weeks! Too much fun to update my blog, honestly. But here I am, with pictures to make you jealous… or inspire you. Or to stare at when you’re supposed to be … Continue reading

Life-Changing Advice: Crock Pot Edition

For Christmas, my mom gave me a crock pot. At first, I thought this was strange. Also, at second, I thought it was strange. “I have two crock pots, Mom. You know this.” “But you don’t have this one,” she … Continue reading

Happy New Year ( a little late)!

Hi, friends! I spent New Year’s Day with the flu (although it may have been the bubonic plague. I swear I was sicker than any flu could cause), and I’m still recovering, so not much to report. But I’m very … Continue reading

Good and Gruesome: Hunger Mountain Today!

If you’ve read my book, you pretty much know I think a little scary is perfectly fine for kids. This month, I wrote an essay for Hunger Mountain where I expand on that a bit. šŸ™‚ I’d love for you … Continue reading

Sinister Sweetness Giveaway at First Page Panda!

Hi, y’all! I’m busy working on my new novel these days (so not blogging as much), but I DO have a bit of news today! My book is being featured at the website First Page Panda – and you can … Continue reading