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Pictures of Writerly Goodness

I’ve been having so much fun the past few weeks! Too much fun to update my blog, honestly. But here I am, with pictures to make you jealous… or inspire you. Or to stare at when you’re supposed to be … Continue reading

Life-Changing Advice: Crock Pot Edition

For Christmas, my mom gave me a crock pot. At first, I thought this was strange. Also, at second, I thought it was strange. “I have two crock pots, Mom. You know this.” “But you don’t have this one,” she … Continue reading

Happy New Year ( a little late)!

Hi, friends! I spent New Year’s Day with the flu (although it may have been the bubonic plague. I swear I was sicker than any flu could cause), and I’m still recovering, so not much to report. But I’m very … Continue reading

Good and Gruesome: Hunger Mountain Today!

If you’ve read my book, you pretty much know I think a little scary is perfectly fine for kids. This month, I wrote an essay for Hunger Mountain where I expand on that a bit. 🙂 I’d love for you … Continue reading

Sinister Sweetness Giveaway at First Page Panda!

Hi, y’all! I’m busy working on my new novel these days (so not blogging as much), but I DO have a bit of news today! My book is being featured at the website First Page Panda – and you can … Continue reading

Thank You For The Soapbox: Guest Blogs & More

What an interesting week! Aside from personal ickiness (like getting my car broken into), it’s been pretty amazing. I was invited to speak to two undergraduate classes in the College of Education at Texas State University by Professor Dianne Pape. … Continue reading

Cynsations: Nikki Overshares Again + Book Giveaway!

Friends! Are you a teacher, librarian, or book club leader? If you are, you can win TEN copies of my book, plus a Skype visit from me, plus bookmarks, stickers, and other assorted swag AND learn awkward facts about my … Continue reading

From Flashy Fiction to Flash Mobs

What a weekend! I have to admit, my life is so incredibly cool right now. Exhausting, but cool. On Friday, I had the great pleasure of presenting a workshop to a SRO group of talented writers at the Houston Writer’s … Continue reading

Spooky Middle Grade Reads!

October is starting out amazingly well, and looks like it’s just going to get better. That is, if I don’t get overloaded from all the awesomeness, and eat myself into a chocolate coma. Today’s happiness is this: an amazing review … Continue reading

Interviews Galore! Nikki Loftin Tells (almost) All

The interesting thing about book-related interviews is the diversity of questions. I mean, who other than another author would even think to ask what’s in your closet? (Authors are notoriously nosy.) My husband reads my interviews to find out things … Continue reading