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Spooky Middle Grade Reads!

October is starting out amazingly well, and looks like it’s just going to get better. That is, if I don’t get overloaded from all the awesomeness, and eat myself into a chocolate coma. Today’s happiness is this: an amazing review … Continue reading

Interviews Galore! Nikki Loftin Tells (almost) All

The interesting thing about book-related interviews is the diversity of questions. I mean, who other than another author would even think to ask what’s in your closet? (Authors are notoriously nosy.) My husband reads my interviews to find out things … Continue reading

The Coolest Things About Being an Author: HEB Read 3 and More

Well, wow! I just had another amazing week, so full of cool stuff I don’t know where to begin! So, how about… a list! I do love my lists. The 5 Coolest Things About Being an Author This Week 1. … Continue reading

Winners and Other Awesome Stuff

We have a winner! The winner of the gorgeously illustrated book, Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave, is Shelley Moore Thomas! Who happens to be the author of an upcoming Middle Grade masterpiece, The Seven Tales of Trinket. Oh my … Continue reading

The Scary Times: One Week Until Book Launch!

I’m going to get real here, friends: It’s not all that fun right now. I mean, sure, it’s fun, everyone’s excited about the book coming out, I’m baking a million cupcakes for the launch party at Bookpeople on the 25th… … Continue reading

Vasilisa the Brave: Celebrating Joy Preble!

One of the very best things about being a writer, at least in Central Texas, is the company. There are SO MANY amazing writers here! And if you are lucky enough to live here (and come out of your writing … Continue reading

One Month Left: Bookish News

Well, friends, I’ve been shopping! Which I normally hate, but this is sort of fun shopping – for my launch party! All sorts of exciting raffle prizes to match the theme. (Um, a whole CASE of candy bars is one … Continue reading

Author Visit Advice?

Hi, there! I have no business blog posting, since I am in the final stretch of a MONSTER deadline-fueled drafting process… but I need to post a question. I am about to put together my “author visit” page, and I … Continue reading

Breadcrumbs and Witches: Got Any More Ideas?

Hi, y’all! I’m getting ready to present a speech (or two) at the Houston Writer’s Guild conference this weekend, and this week I’ve been putting the finishing touches *coughwritingtheentirethingcough* on my “keynote” speech. I’m talking about the journey of the … Continue reading

Odds and Ends

I’m sweeping up bloggy odds and ends this week as I await an editorial email. (Eep!) A few things I’d like to share with you, dear readers: 1. If you tried to contact me regarding the use of one of … Continue reading