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Signs of the Apocalypsies

I posted last time about the real treasure of writing conferences being the Writer Friends you make there. I didn’t realize one of the effects of getting The Call from an Editor would mean a similar prize! (I mean, I … Continue reading

Houston Writer’s Guild Conference, Coming Up!

So, if any of you are in Houston this weekend, you should totally go to the HWG Conference. I’ve heard this AMAZING author is going to speak. I’ve also heard this newbie author, Nikki Somebody-or-Other, is planning to give out … Continue reading

Sign #473 of the Apocalypse

Dear Hearts and Gentle People, I did it. I bought an e-reader. A Kindle, to be specific, and I still feel kind of dirty and ashamed. It’s not here yet. Will it arrive wrapped in brown paper, so none of … Continue reading

My New Favorite Song

Happy Sunday, Writer Friends! I found this amazing video on Kiersten White’s fabulous blog. I couldn’t resist re-posting it here. Enjoy!

My Spring: Houston Conferences

Hiya Peeps! I’m packing this morning for the annual Houston SCBWI conference. This was my very first conference as a kidlit writer two years ago – ah, the stories I could tell of that first year! * I should say, … Continue reading

The Real Audience

Oh, Writer Friends, I have been thinking Very Deep Thoughts these last few days. Thoughts about childhood, and why I write, and who my real audience is. Is it because it’s spring, and the does are dropping their fawns in … Continue reading

Happy World Poetry Day!

Happy Day, Writer Friends! I hope you’re all working on fabulous manuscripts, or revising glorious poems, or at least eating good, dark Swiss chocolate — something, anything writerly — to start off your week. As it is World Poetry Day, … Continue reading

Characters as Friends

Well, I didn’t know it until just now, but today is World Read Aloud Day! If you didn’t know about this, click on this link for LitWorld and you can read all about it. I read aloud to my boys … Continue reading

Unexpected Reading Jag

Uh, oh, Friends. I finished the draft of The Dark House, threw the confetti, edited it once, sent it off to a couple of Lovely Writer Friends to read… and completely forgot about the Post-Draft Reading Jag. Oh, man. I’ve … Continue reading

Dear Teen Nikki Today!

Well, Writer Friends, if you’ve been waiting for Nikki Overshare 2011 (re: my life as a hideously socially deformed teenager), your big day is here! Go and check out my post on the Dear Teen me blog, the uber-cool e-lovechild … Continue reading