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My Ideal Listener

I am hip deep in halligators, Writer Friends. I’m writing and revising my way to sending a new manuscript off, and I only have a few minutes to post here, but I had to share this wish for you: I … Continue reading

I’m a Bylines Calendar Girl

2012 is almost upon us! Have you bought your weekly writer’s calendar? If not, feel free to pick up this one: Not just because I’m a calendar girl, although of course that would be a good reason. (I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

How To Get My Agent

First off, no. I will NOT give you her phone number. But I’m going to give you something better. Those of you who have known me for a while know that I signed with the supertalented, ninja-agent-of-awesomeness Suzie Townsend in … Continue reading

The Biggest Book Nerd Ever

I think it might be me, friends. Let me explain. This weekend was the Texas Book Festival, the most wonderful, free, fabulous event ever in Austin. I did it right this year. I sat in on panels with authors I … Continue reading

How is a Book Launch like a Funeral?

In advance of my own book release next AUGUST 21, 2012 (get out your calendars right now!!! Mark it with a Sharpie pen!!!), I have been going to as many signings and launch parties as I possibly can. And not … Continue reading

Writing Days in the Desert

I’m off! Today, Writer Friends, I’m beginning the road trip to New Mexico. Where, exactly? To Ghost Ranch, the place that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe to do this:   I’m hoping it inspires me to do a lot of this: The … Continue reading

Wonderful News for My Dear Writer Friend!

What a lovely week! Why so lovely? Well… I spent mine in the Caribbean, cruising around, petting dolphins and paddling near white sand beaches. Hard life, I know. But right before I left, I also found out some amazing news!! … Continue reading

Using Your Super Powers

I had a wonderful dinner last night with a Writer Friend* who was unstinting with her ideas, encouragement, and advice. I think one of my favorite pieces of advice was this: Use your super powers. At first, I wondered how … Continue reading

My High School Mustache

If you hop on over to this post on the excellent Dear Teen Me website, I think you’ll see that I will do anything for a laugh. Or for sympathy. Or for attention. Whichever. Go ahead, laugh at me. I … Continue reading


I’ve been dying to spill this news. DYING, I tell you! At long last, I’m allowed. Publisher’s Marketplace had this wonderful  little announcement in it this morning. Nikki Loftin’s debut novel THE SINISTER SWEETNESS OF SPLENDID ACADEMY, pitched as Coraline … Continue reading