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Writer Friends with Great Books: Lori Ann Stephens

Every once in a while, a friend of mine – either online or real life – sends me a manuscript to critique or a new book to read. I almost always find myself holding my breath as I open to … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Splendid Academy!

What a year! One year ago today, my first book came out. It was an amazing day. I went with my 92 year-old Grandma to the closest bookstore, where she bought a copy. (I told her I’d give her one, … Continue reading

A Celebration of Bridget Zinn + POISON Giveaway

A few years ago, when I was going through the process of looking for an agent and then an editor, I started noticing some names popping up over and over again on the websites and twitter feeds I haunted. (I’m … Continue reading

Splendid Events in May!

Hiya! I’m back, just to show a couple of pictures from recent events, and share a couple of things I read that I thought were amazing. First, I’ve been having fun – writing, yes, but also doing some short talks, … Continue reading

Cherry Blossom Days: Pre-Author Visit Pics from Japan

I just spent a week in Wonderland! Well, Japan, actually – but I happened to arrive at the height of cherry blossom (sakura) season, and I’m pretty sure Wonderland has nothing on trees that snow pink blossoms, leaving a carpet … Continue reading

School Author Visit: University Edition

In my writing life, I sort of expected to get the chance to speak with kids about my books. Because, you know, they’re FOR kids and all. But life has a way of surprising and delighting, and this week I … Continue reading

Pictures of Writerly Goodness

I’ve been having so much fun the past few weeks! Too much fun to update my blog, honestly. But here I am, with pictures to make you jealous… or inspire you. Or to stare at when you’re supposed to be … Continue reading

Good Friends, Great Books: Lindsey Scheibe Cover Reveal!

One of the coolest things about the writing life is the writer friends who come along with it. I met one of these amazing people, Lindsey Scheibe, at a SCBWI monthly meeting and critique session a few years back. She … Continue reading

Small Signings

One of the things I’ve heard other writers fret about is the dreaded poorly-attended signing. From what I’ve picked up, this usually happens in a town pretty far from the author’s home, at a bookstore that either didn’t advertise the … Continue reading

Places to Win my Book!

Hi, Friends! Well, I’m as busy as a bee these days – and I haven’t forgotten I promised you pictures of the Big Launch. But you may have to wait. SO MUCH TO DO. I’m doing a talk on queries, … Continue reading