Hi! Welcome to my brand spankin’ new website! Although my dear husband, Dave, would love me to spend hours every day updating this site (that’s never going to happen), I’m spending far too much time writing humorous children’s books, essays, and stories to do so. I will, however, keep you updated on recent events.

This week, I finished my manuscript, Perfect Mischief (52,000 word middle-grade fantasy), sold an essay to the excellent Texas Co-op Power magazine (over 1 million readers? I’ll be famous!), and have almost finished my next manuscript! (Raymond Mahaney, Soccer Failure, approx. 25,000 word middle-grade fiction)

Also, look for my short essay in Parent:Wise Austin (March, 2009) about my nine-year old son, Cameron, and our struggles with piano practice.

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  1. What essay did you sell to Tx co-op power?


    • Nikki Loftin

      Hi!, Naomi!
      I don’t know if you have read it. It’s a short piece called “Homemade Doughnuts.” If you want, I’ll email it to you. Can’t post it here, that would be e-publishing….
      I just had a great weekend in Houston at the SCBWI Editor’s Conference. I might even blog about it!


  2. Here’s a link to the Texas Coop Power essay – https://www.texascooppower.com/texas-stories/food/the-hole-story.


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