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Hi again! Last weekend, I participated in a workshop. No, not for writing… for Zumba.
I am now a fully trained, certified Zumba instructor. Don’t laugh. I could be teaching your next gym class, and if you giggle at me in spandex, I will make you suffer.
All the physical activity seems to have done my writing a world of good, too. I finished another essay. (The family reacts in horror: who is she writing about this time? Will she tell lies about us all, and call it “creative nonfiction” or, worse, will she tell the truth? Wait and see…)
I also finished a picture book, titled The Best Grandmother Ever Competition. I have a “golden ticket” from the Houston SCBWI conference in February to send it to a publisher for consideration. Wish me luck!
On the “Soccer” front: it’s out to one editor, two agents, and a manuscript competition… and I have around 12,000 words written on the next book in the series!
More later….
Love to you all!

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