Make My Day

It’s not hard to make my day, not really. A friend of mine did it today when she surprised me with the news that one of her students had brought in a copy of the Boy’s Life story I wrote… and that she was using it to teach her language arts lessons! I know, I know, what this really means is that a whole bunch of kids are thinking “Oh, no, don’t make me read that Boy’s Life story again, and pick apart plot elements, etc.” but I still think it’s cool. Usually it takes a Newbery sticker to make sure kids loathe your writing. (*kidding*)

I had a ball in Houston at the conference, enjoying talking with Jennifer M. so much that it almost felt like cheating on Suzie. I ended up spending some time as a timer for their agent conferences, and met a whole bunch of really cool writers, including Pamela Hutchins. She’ll have an agent very, very soon, I’m sure – I’ve read some of her award-winning chapters, and she’s got mad skillz.

Breaking News: My writer friend and critique partner Sheryl Witschorke just signed with Robert Guinsler. This makes two of my Writer Friends to gain representation immediately after I critique their manuscripts! Could there be a connection? Could I make money off this somehow? LOL Sheryl also gives very good crit, so I’m hoping she doesn’t get too famous too quickly and stop critiquing for me. 😉

I’ve been doing some interesting things with my time as of late, including writing some greeting card poems that have been accepted for “further review.” Quite a few cards, actually, and that’s all I can say now. More on that later… much later, probably.

Now, it’s back to write Holy Toast, and ignore the Shiny New Idea that swooped in last week – a slightly paranormal, funny ADULT romance novel. *gulp* I promise, I only wrote 1500 words. I’m stopping now, honest.

Until November, that is. Bwa ha ha ha ha !

Oh, check out my friends Shelli’s Quick and Dirty blog post this week. She goes to some great conferences, doesn’t she? And shares all her info. Love her!

Write well, Friends, and write quickly — the Holidays approacheth!

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  1. That’s very cool news about your Boy’s Life story being used in a classroom, Nikki! And it will take more than a Newberry sticker to make kids loathe your writing. LOL

    Gimme some Holy Toast soon. Oh, and I’ll take a side of funny, adult paranormal romance any day. Just FYI. 🙂


  2. Love that news about your Boys Life story. What issue is it? I’d like to get a copy. You’re Shiny New Idea sounds great!


  3. Sheryl Witschorke

    Ahhhhh, shucks, Nikki, you’re welcome!!! The students are really enjoying the story! And they couldn’t believe that you had to cut out 800 words. I also shared with them other stories you write and a bit about your journey in the writing world. Looking forward to Friday!


  4. From your mouth to God’s ear, Nikki. Hey, when do I get to read some of the funny adult paranormal romance? Soooooo looking forward to it!


    • Nikki Loftin

      Pamela – I dunno, people keep sending me chapters to critique, so I can’t write as much as I would like. ;P Kidding, of course. I’m thinking it won’t be for a while. Xmas? I’m rounding the corner on a new one right now, and I have two others to revise. We’ll see…


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