Exciting Events: Westbank Library Writing Workshop

Hi, Friends!

I’m back from my super exciting vacation, and I’ll be checking in EVERY SINGLE DAY this week to tell you about some cool upcoming events where you meet a REAL LIVE AUTHOR (me) and learn valuable skills! Eat valuable cookies! And take home valuable bookmarks!

And I will also show you my amazing vacation photos. Like this one:

Yes, dear readers, I vacationed with puffins, the world's cutest birds.

Yes, dear readers, I vacationed with puffins, the world’s cutest birds.


After you finish drowning in the cuteness that is puffin, check out the Westbank Library’s upcoming summer writing workshop! If you live in the Austin area and have a kid who wants to write, bring ’em to the library on July 29th at 4:30 p.m. for this:

No fairy tale is safe from an author in search of material! In this hour-long workshop, students will pick apart favorite fairy tales and discover how to twist a classic story into a new work of art. Students will leave with an outline and opening (or more) of their own story, and a head full of ideas for how to “steal from Goldilocks” and get away with it.

I promise it will be FUN and FUNNY and the stories will be as majestic as a puffin.

Well, not quite. But very, very majestic.

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