Interview With a Puppet: The Van Show!

Oh boy. I just got a link to an interview I did at the TLA conference last spring. An interview with a gorgeous, blue-haired puppet. (Of course I said yes! The Muppets were my LIFE when I was a kid.)

It’s not one of my most shining moments.I was starstruck. That’s the only excuse I have for talking like I’d just sucked three balloons’ worth of helium, and oversharing about chicken poop and other things.

In any case, I promised to share the link on my blog, and so… here for your entertainment, is my interview with Austin Public Library’s amazing roving puppet reporter. To my author friends? If a puppet ever asks to interview you… say yes. But try to act cool. Cool, calm, collected…

…sigh. I’ll work on it for the next puppet interview.

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