Summer Writing Camps in Austin!

Hi, friends! This is that time of year I get lots of sweet texts and emails asking if I’m teaching any writing workshops in the summer. And this summer, the answer is yes! I’ll be doing one at the Westbank Library on August 9th at 4:30 pm. This one is a free workshop, and I’ll be teaching kids how to take an existing fairy tale and re-imagine it so thoroughly they can make it into a novel… or at least a very fun, new story. 🙂 Go sign up today!

This summer I am especially excited to be a guest author at the famous Badgerdog Summer Creative Writing Camps, put on by the Austin Public Library Friends.

I’ll be presenting in Session 3, and I know they’ll have other wonderful authors teaching the whole summer, so if your kid is a budding novelist/poet/playwright? You know what to do.

Now, I’m off for a week in New Mexico with three teenage boys who are VERY EXCITED to be going to high school next year. If you live anywhere near Santa Fe, I apologize in advance for the noise.

Happy reading, friends!


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