Bee Cave Book Haul Podcast Time!

Oh frabjous day!

Friends, if you are the sort of reader/writer/librarian/humanoid who listens to podcasts… or likes book reviews of fun/funny/wonderful middle grade books… or wants to laugh as I use ALL THE  EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! while talking about great books?* Then you should scurry over right now to listen to me GUSH and GIGGLE and GO ON AND ON about a half dozen or so of my favorite middle grade reads this year.

And who wrote this treasure trove of books?

These Magically Talented Authors:

Stephanie Burgis, Tracey Baptiste, John David Anderson, Heidi Schulz, K. A. Holt, and Tara Dairman.

Happy Book Day, Y’all! You’re going to have more than one happy day if you read these books, I promise!


*(No, seriously. I am like the late Crocodile Hunter on this podcast, minus the charming Australian accent. Although… a couple of times, I think I channeled him directly. Crikey!)

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