Wish Girl

Annie Blythe is dying, but she can give Peter Stone the strength to live.

Peter Stone’s parents and siblings are extroverts, musicians, and yellers—and the louder they get, the less Peter talks, or even moves, until he practically fits his last name.

When his family moves to the Texas Hill Country, though, Peter finds a tranquil, natural valley where he can, at last, hear himself think. There, he meets a girl his age: Annie Blythe. Annie tells Peter she’s a “wish girl.” But Annie isn’t just any wish girl: she’s a “Make-A-Wish Girl.” And in two weeks she will begin a dangerous treatment to try and stop her cancer from spreading. Left alone, the disease will kill her. But the treatment may cause serious, lasting damage to her brain.

Annie and Peter hatch a plan to escape into the valley, which they begin to think is magical. But the pair soon discovers that the valley—and life—may have other plans for them. And sometimes wishes come true in ways they would never expect.

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Praise for Wish Girl

“A moving, mesmerizing story of wishing, listening and hope for discerning readers.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Selected as the “Great Read for Texas” 2016 by the Texas Center for the Book for the National Book Festival with the Library of Congress

A “thoughtful entry into realistic fiction for young teens” – VOYA, February 2015, “Perfect 10” review

“Wish Girl dips into a lovely sort of magical realism… A quietly poetic story about psychological truths.” – Cynthia Kadohata, New York Times Book Review, March 15th, 2015.

2015 Writers’ League of Texas Book Awards –MG/YA Finalist

Wish Girl is a book that knows real magic exists—that art, nature, and true friendship have the power to save lives and transform the world. It’s at once earthly and ethereal, heartbreaking and hopeful. It dazzles.” –Laurel Snyder, author of Bigger than a Breadbox

“I found hope and magic tucked gently into every page of Wish Girl. I wish every reader could have a friend like Annie.” –Natalie Lloyd, author of A Snicker of Magic