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Summer’s Close: Events, Reading, and a Confession

Wow! I can’t believe the summer is almost over. I’ve been traveling, reading, writing, and teaching. Oh, yeah! Kids: there’s one last chance to take a (free!) writing workshop from me this summer, on August 9, 2017 from 4:30 PM … Continue reading

Writing about Wish Girl

I’m very pleased to send you away from my blog today to read what I wrote at the Nerdy Book Club blog instead. It’s got all sorts of stuff about my wild childhood, the books that changed me, and what … Continue reading

Rejecting Rejection and… Wish Girl in China!

I am very happy to have a guest blog post up today at the Writing Barn’s blog, in the Rejecting Rejection series. Go hop on over there and check it out if you have a few minutes! And if you’ve … Continue reading

The Very Best Writing Advice

I just came back from the Houston Writer’s Guild Annual Conference. It was wonderful. I shocked everyone in the morning with my hilariously inappropriate keynote (and can I say, thank goodness the audio recording was turned off? Now the rest … Continue reading

Thank You For The Soapbox: Guest Blogs & More

What an interesting week! Aside from personal ickiness (like getting my car broken into), it’s been pretty amazing. I was invited to speak to two undergraduate classes in the College of Education at Texas State University by Professor Dianne Pape. … Continue reading

Dear Teen Me: Cool at Last

It’s happened. I’m finally cool enough to sit at the cheerleader table. That is, if the “cheerleaders” are Ellen Hopkins, Tom Angleberger, Tera Lynn Childs, Ilsa Bick, Sara Zarr, and Kersten Hamilton, to name a VERY few. And, of course, … Continue reading

Happy Bookish Things

So last week was hard, and my last post was sad. Let’s brighten the blog up! Check this out, my favorite thing on the Internet last week – and an Academy Award-nominated short animated film! The Fantastic Flying Books of … Continue reading

I’m a Bylines Calendar Girl

2012 is almost upon us! Have you bought your weekly writer’s calendar? If not, feel free to pick up this one: Not just because I’m a calendar girl, although of course that would be a good reason. (I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

Will Write for Food (and Love)

News flash! You have two (count them: TWO!) opportunities to buy anthologies with my work in them this month. If you’re a lover of personal essays, chock full of humor and (gasp!) recipes, check out the newest Chicken Soup for … Continue reading

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Ever have one of those weeks where all the troubles of the world come crashing down on you? And your kids need you, and your house looks like a slob pit, and you haven’t updated your blog in a week, … Continue reading