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News from Nikkiland

Hiya, Writer Friends! I’m writing up a storm on my Work-in-Progress. It makes me so sad (this one’s a doozy), I have to stop and eat massive doses of chocolate just to get through the day. (More than usual, I … Continue reading

Writing From Spite

Have you ever written a guest post and thought, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t have been quite that honest?” Yeah, me too. Recently, actually. 😉 Hop on over to my friend (and excellent writer) Samantha Clark’s blog to read my overshare … Continue reading

My High School Mustache

If you hop on over to this post on the excellent Dear Teen Me website, I think you’ll see that I will do anything for a laugh. Or for sympathy. Or for attention. Whichever. Go ahead, laugh at me. I … Continue reading

My Very First Guest Blog Post

Happy Tuesday, Writer Friends! I am pleased as punch to announce my very first guest blog post is up today at echook. (This is the digital chapbook publisher that chose one of my essays for their first release on memoir.) … Continue reading

Market Schmarket

I’ve been writing short fiction. Sort of compulsively. I think it started when I realized my WIP was going TERRIBLYWRONG RUNFORTHEEXITS KILLMENOW — wait. Deep breaths, deep breaths. No, put away the paper bag. I’m fine. No more WIP thinking. … Continue reading

The Final Chapter

Hiya, Peeps! I’m writing the final chapter on the WIP today (is that why this song keeps playing in my head?) and it’s a tricky one. I feel like I used to when I was a kid and my mom … Continue reading

Dear Teen Nikki Today!

Well, Writer Friends, if you’ve been waiting for Nikki Overshare 2011 (re: my life as a hideously socially deformed teenager), your big day is here! Go and check out my post on the Dear Teen me blog, the uber-cool e-lovechild … Continue reading

Road Trip!

It’s Conference Time again, Writer Friends! I’m off to Houston to attend the Houston Writer’s Guild fall conference. I’ll get to meet Jennifer Mattson, my friend Kim Norman’s agent, and gush about how awesome Kim is. (She is a rhyming … Continue reading

Turkey Eggs

Okay, this one’s weird. Tonight, my dear friend and neighbor Sue came over to celebrate her birthday (um, by bringing over her birthday presents – chocolate-covered strawberries and muscat – to share. Take note, friends. On your birthday, YOU provide … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Essays

This month, two of my essays came out in the local parenting magazine, ParentWise:Austin. I wrote one about my mother-in-law Liz, who passed away over six years ago (leaving an enormous hole in my life) and one about my own … Continue reading