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May Day Bouquet

When I was a little girl, on the first day of May every year, I would gather wildflowers from the sides of the drainage ditch next to my house, wrap the stems in a bunch of wet paper towels and … Continue reading

Recommended Reading

There are so many books to read, it’s hard to know where to start. And just because someone recommends a book doesn’t mean you’re going to like it. (Trust me, I have a stack of books I bought after a … Continue reading


Writer Friends, I am pleased to report that my dear Writer Friend Lori and I both made our word quotas for the week. And that means you will not have the special treat of reading the fiery invective I had … Continue reading

Stay Tuned For Public Shaming

Okay, today is the big day. I have a Writer Friend who has agreed we should hold one another accountable for reaching a certain number of words on our WIPs each week… and today’s the day we show what we’ve … Continue reading

Book Fairy!

Ah, bliss! The Book Fairy came today. But her teeth look pretty sharp. Let me explain. I received three pacakages in the mail from a silent auction I went bidaholic on a few weeks back. Many, many books from that … Continue reading

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I should probably be wary of taking song lyrics as blog posts — someone might think I had a delusion that this blog were fabulous like Betsy Lerner’s — but what the heck. I wanted to talk about writing books … Continue reading

The Chickens Are Circling

My life is full of chickens. I have the actual living, clucking kind here on my pretend farm in the Hill Country, the hens who lay their darling little brown eggs, rendering every day of my life an Easter egg … Continue reading

The Dreaded Poetry Post

April is, as you are all no doubt aware, National Poetry Month. Many of my Writer Friends and Writer Acquaintances have very bold plans for the month, like writing a poem every day. Seriously. There’s tons of them doing it. … Continue reading

Prank You Very Much

Happy April Fool’s Day! I love this holiday. I don’t get QUITE as into it as some of my friends (like the one who painted her sons’ fingernails in the night, and – oh, no! – couldn’t find the remover … Continue reading

So, Are You Successful Yet?

When I was in high school, my Senior English teacher asked one of those questions that seemed provocative at the time, but was really just her pointing out how we were all sleepwalking through our lives since we hadn’t really … Continue reading