Author Visit Advice?

Hi, there!

I have no business blog posting, since I am in the final stretch of a MONSTER deadline-fueled drafting process… but I need to post a question.

I am about to put together my “author visit” page, and I wondered, for those of you dear readers who are teachers and/or librarians, what exactly makes for the most successful author visit?

I taught for years, and spent a decade doing weekly public speaking in my work at both churches and schools. I LOVE interacting with groups of kids, and the chance to do this again is a part of the publication/marketing/writing process that is a super huge bonus cherry-on-top for me.But author visits are new territory.
I would welcome any and all advice, tips, hints, or horror stories you might want to share!

Oh, and if you’re a teacher or librarian (or know one) I’ll send you bookmarks AND stickers for your kids —  if you send me a tip AND use the blog contact form to send me an address to mail them! So, how’s THAT for incentive?


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  1. So excited for you, Nikki! (And proud of you, too!) Just holler, if you have any specific questions about school visits. (You know where to find me.)



    Kim Norman


  2. Glad I found your tweet, and then your web site, Nikki.

    I teach creative writing at libraries and know they are often looking for speakers and exhibits. You could propose and help them put together an exhibit in your field and offer to give a talk one night. I’m sure you’ll get takers!

    Good luck!

    (Okay, now I’ll go to your blog contact form for my giftie. 😉


    • Nikki Loftin

      Thanks! I was thinking of putting together a different talk for libraries, too. (In fact, I’m supposed to do one next month at our local public library.) Never thought of putting together an exhibit, though! Thanks. Bookmarks will ship soon. 😉


  3. So cool. And your kids are smart. I might’ve wanted a pony as a kid if I’d ever thought of a pony butler!


  4. Hi Nikki:

    Your cool bookmarks arrived! Thanks for being so generous with them. I will distribute them to my teen (12 – 17) creative writers when classes resume in the fall.

    – Lynette


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