90-Second Newbery Film Festival in San Antonio: Call for Entries!

Hey, San Antonio area friends! Last year, along with hilarious author James Kennedy, I had the great pleasure of hosting the first ever 90-Second Newbery film festival for San Antonio. (It was terrifying – I didn’t realize when I agreed that it meant singing and dancing on stage, as well as extemporizing an extended comedic sketch with James – and glorious. Those talented kids! Those amazing films! The fistfights with James!)

IMG_2170 (1)

This year, I’m doing it again… and if you know a kid in the San Antonio area, it’s not too late for them to send in a film! The deadline is December 16. Check out the link here for all the groovy details. And this one for the rules about the actual films.


The deal is, kids read a Newbery winning or Newbery honor book, any one they like. Then, they turn it into a very short video, sort of like a book report on film except the very best ones add MORE. More pizzazz, more sparkle, more special effects or Lego animation, more humor, more horror, MORE!

The films last year were wonderful, and the afternoon was one I’ll never forget.With HEB as the major sponsor again, the event itself was also fabulous… and will be again!

This year, the awards ceremony and film screening is at San Antonio’s Charlene McCombs Empire Theatre (224 E. Houston St.) on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 3pm.

Come dressed to the nines, and be prepared to eat, drink, and laugh your heads off. (And if your kids don’t make a film this year, they’ll have fun AND learn what to do for next year’s festival.) Join me!


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