Reunion News/ Damaged-Toe Blues

Ouch! Ouchouchouch! I finally discovered something more painful than a last-minute rejection from an editor: spraining/breaking my big toe.

Even worse? Damaging it right before I was supposed to put on the most divine four-inch heels ever, and dance the night away at my high school reunion.

Last night, I met up with hundreds of my old (yeah, we are all old now) friends in Round Rock, Texas for an evening of fun. I’ll post pictures soon — I’ll be the one doing the heron impersonation, standing on one foot and trying to smile through the pain.

But which pain? The actual toe itself, or the pain of not being able to wear the fabulous shoes?

Here’s irony: I trained for and ran three half-marathons last year, always worried about the horror stories of “runner’s toenail.” I emerged unscathed, but my slip in the bathroom last night will keep me in closed-toe shoes for a year.Yuck.

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