School-Related Insomnia

School starts in a few days, and I can’t sleep.  I know, it’s not school for me… but in a few, short, blessed days, my precious sons will return to the classroom and I will have the opportunity to concentrate for more than an hour at a time on my next novel.

I think my excitement is why I haven’t been sleeping. Either that or I’m officially an old person, with complaints like insomnia, bunions, and arthritis.

I prefer to think of my ailment as a symptom of impending professional success.

So what have I been doing instead of sleeping? Yeah, well, not writing. Mainly tossing,turning, mentally calculating how fast I can get my novel done so I can start on the next one (If I write 5,000 words a day, I can finish in five weeks…snerk!), and untangling the plot snarls in my head.

I’m worried that when school finally starts, I’ll be so tired, I’ll just curl up for a long nap every day instead of writing.


Now, where did my stinkin’ kid hide that Andrew Clements book I was trying to read? Honestly, why doesn’t he just play video games or ride his bike or something? What is it about MY books that make them so irresistible? Off to search….

Posted in Children's Fiction, Family News on 08/20/2009 11:18 am

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