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What Do You Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Writer Friends! I spent the morning surrounded by the boys I love most in the world, boys who gave me Lindt chocolate bars (thus proving their love for me), and now I’m spending the rest of it … Continue reading

Austin: You Want to Live Here

Hi, y’all! Most of you know I’m a native Texan – but you may not know I’ve lived my whole life right around Austin. (I would say “in Austin,” but I’ve been a resident of Manchaca, Austin, Round Rock, San … Continue reading

Backspace Contest is Back!

Hiya, peeps! I’m taking a short break from the busiest week EVER to point you in the direction of the Backspace Writer’s Conference in NYC. This conference was amazing – possibly the best one I’ve ever attended, and you know … Continue reading

What I’m Reading This Week…

Aside from my sweet Writer Friends’ Fabulous Manuscripts, that is… 1. Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass Um, I think I’m going to have to go with Highly Recommend on this one. What took me so long to get … Continue reading

What I Plan To Do With My Summer Vacation

Good morning, Writer Peeps! Just checking in to give you the status update and ask a question: What do you think I should do with my summer vacation? Specifically, I’m talking about the part where I Go Away (and Leave … Continue reading

Writing the Blues Away

Seriously, sometimes I wish I were the type of person who got bored or tired or grumpy and went to the craft cupboard to make something like this. Because I totally think those glitter shoes would cheer me up like … Continue reading


Today I’d like to talk about resolve. The noun, that is, not the verb – all these people around me “resolving” to lose ten pounds or write every day make me tired. Also, not Resolve the cleaning solution that gets … Continue reading

Going Dark

Oh, Writer Friends. I am having So Much Fun today. The kids are burning their little retinas out with unlimited screen time, Dave’s at work, and I am writing a New Novel. A very creepy, dark, funny, horribly inappropriate novel … Continue reading

Breaking and Breaking Through

Boy, Writer Friends, it’s been a week! My 7 y.o., Hinky Punky, broke his wrist on Monday. We just had the cast put on today, and he’s back to swinging from the chandeliers, or close to it. (Scottish Grandpa arrived … Continue reading


It’s been one of those weeks. After scoffing at NaNoWriMo, I embarked on NikkiWriMo. So far this month (um, week), I’ve written about 14,000 words on two separate WIPs, and I’m not stopping yet. All this with a very sick … Continue reading